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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  November 18, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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andrea roane. >> i love that episode. mike hydeck. now to the weather. >> good morning. 30s and 40s. grab a jacket. we warm up today to seasonal levels, which means 50s. mid-50s by noon and also for the drive home, high around 58 degrees. already see clouds increasing across west virginia, western virginia, western pennsylvania. we have to watch clouds move in. temperatures down to 30 in men as is. jan in readville, 44 on the bay. 6:00 a.m., angie goff has time saver traffic. >> kicking off another hour. still in the green. no major accidents at this time. you see the red and yellow. we are starting to slow down.
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taking it back to the maps, focus on the beltway in virginia. no major problems to report, 66 towards american legion bridge. find all your lanes open. checking travel times on the outer loop in maryland. ten minutes from 95 to 270. 95 headed southbound no problems there. d.c. 295 towards 11th street bridge, lanes open, 7 minutes commute now. 6:01. washington designate donald wuerl in roam, will celebrate mass with local catholics at the about a sill ka saint paul. he will be elevated to cardinal this weekend. don't let the bed bugs bite, the message at a summit.
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lawmakers, pest control experts all on hand. this morning, we get a chance to see the new hope diamond. it has been out of its setting over a year. new setting was designed by harry winston. makes a public debut at 11:00. >> gorgeous. also today, good news for metro rightedders. >> farragut north station is open. kristin fisher tracks this commuter alert, live outside the station. tell us why it was closed in the first place. >> reporter: well, it is all because of construction unrelated to metro. i'll tell you more about it in a second. let me assure you overnight structural engineers have been examining the ceiling at the metro station, and they have determined that it is indeed safe for metro riders. the station has been open about an hour now. happy to report so far so good. the station was shut around 8:00 last night after chunks of concrete fell to the platform yesterday afternoon.
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incredibly, no one was hurt. d.c. fire officials say one of the chunks was the size of a human head. certainly large enough to cause serious injury to someone standing below. apparently this close call was caused by construction work taking place on connecticut avenue, unrelated to metro. d.c. fire officials say construction crews hit a ventilation valve in the station ceiling which loosened concrete, caused a piece to fall. metro closed the station, citing abundance of caution. metro apologized for inconvenience. the riders didn't seem surprised. take a listen. >> that's what the metro does, right? we're kind of used to it at this point. i'm sure i'll get on a train, have to get off, then get on tomorrow, have it stop, the usual. >> reporter: again, metro says it wasn't their fault, it was the fault of construction crews working on connecticut avenue above the platform. still, for many metro riders, see it as the latest in a
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string of major metro mishaps. >> may not have been metro's fault, what was their response time when it first happened? >> reporter: it wasn't good. and it is causing a lot of controversy this morning. took metro about an hour to notify d.c. fire and police about the incident. that's a big deal because those emergency personnel needed to shut down this section of connecticut avenue because there was a fear that more vibration caused by cars driving over that section of tunnel, that more vibrations could cause more chunks of concrete to fall. that eventually did happen. they shut down this section of connecticut avenue, but not before thousands of metro riders used this metro station and stood just beneath the ceiling where the chunks had fallen from. scary stuff this morning. and some questions that still need to be answered. >> good news, that station is open this morning to commuters.
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another commuter alert for you, also a gootd one this time. a green light for the plan to expand interstate 270 between montgomery county and frederick county. two lanes will be added between 270 and frederick. u.s. 15 will grow by one lane each side for 7 miles north of the interchange with i-70. here's the catch. finding the money to pay for it. the work isn't expected to be done until 2030. for only the second time in american history, a write in candidate won a u.s. senate election. that candidate, lisa murkowski in alaska. republican incumbent lost the primary battle to joe miller. he was backed by sarah palin and tea party. however, they counted the write in ballots and murkowski won with 10,000 vote margin. miller could challenge. while you slept, murkowski declared victory. >> i wanted to be joyful
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because against all odds we as alast cans together made history. you made history. thank you. >> now that all the races are over, here is what the senate will look like. 53 democrats, 47 republicans. murkowski ran as independent, but says she will caucus with gop. on the house side of the hill, we know who will be leading each party. new leadership looks kind of like the old leadership. john boehner elected as speaker of the house without opposition. virginia congressman eric can tore majority leader. for democrats, nancy pelosi becomes minority leader. now to corruption investigation in prince georges county. police sergeant will be in court today, one of three accused in drug and alcohol running scam. the focus on the tick tok
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liquor store in langley park. 22-year-old police officer was in court yesterday accused of using police powers to provide protection to transport contraband. his attorney claimed he is a small part in a wider scandal. >> what happened since friday has been sort of a frenzy. i think everybody needs to realize the process needs to work itself out, let this go forth in the normal course. that's what i was asking for today. >> he was held without bail. leslie johnson, wife of prince georges county executive is also charged in this probe. she was elected to county council this month. now there's online petition for her to step down. petitioners say if she doesn't step down, they will protest daily, block her from taking that position. state election laws don't prevent her from taking office december 6th. jessica doyle watching your money. >> way to save money on the
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fast rising cost of college. >> this is madness. we all know college is expensive. we all know it is insane. get this. now even public schools are costing an arm and a leg, according to college board, berkley the first public school to cost you $50,000 a year. that's if you're coming in from out of state. it is expected they won't be alone long. check out 2008, 2009. only 3 schools cost that much. this year, there are 100. if you have young kids, start saving now. in 18 years, mike, tuition projected to cost you more than $394,000. that's per kid for a four year public school. >> i have two kids. >> multiply narcotics by two. 14 times the amount it costs now for the same education and that was public. for private, they are typically way more expensive. so this holiday season, the best gift may be putting money in college saving fund.
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isn't fun, but there's college at the end. if you opened a 529 savings plan, you probably have to open a new one. a check written to the child is owned by the child. that should go into custodial 529 account. how much can a relative give? they can give someone $13,000 before the gift tax kicks in. if feeling more generous, have the money, give up to a million dollars in lifetime with gift tax am exemption. if your kids are already in college, relatives can write a check directly to the school for tuition without a gift tax kicking in. >> that helps. >> would be nice if you could give the grandchildren a million bucks. but there are small things we can do. >> thanks. is the institution of marriage becoming obsolete? >> according to growing number of americans, one in four say the answer is yes. >> this is a new study.
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39% of americans believe marriage is becoming obsolete. up 28% from 30 years ago. >> the same study finds 44% of americans have lived with a partner without being married. 62% believe the best marriage is one where both spouses work and take care of the children together. >> i think so, too. at least the last part. 6:09. a look at what's coming up in the next hour of 9 news now. >> 6:13. new fashion craze that could cost you more than money. a consumer alert on brazilian blowout. walmart coming to the district at 6:36. why the super store says it is needed. up next, howard has weather first. that's 90 seconds away. first, a look at this year's christmas light show at national harbor. how the grinch stole christmas opens today.
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weather first with meteorologist howard bernstein. >> we are looking cold. 30s and 40s. by 9:00, mostly cloudy through much of the day. noon time temperature 56. 3:00 p.m., 58. happy thursday. traveling bay bridge to the beltway on 50 westbound. no accidents on the way. still ahead, more details on
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george washington parkway accident at 6:19. back to you. in a few hours, congressman charlie rangal learns his punishment for violating ethics rules. >> one of the stories making news. house ethics committee will deliberate behind closed doors. they found he violated several rules on fund-raising. could be sun sheurd, reprimanded or fined. senate democrats calling for another vote on don't ask, don't tell. majority leader harry reid will call for vote after thanksgiving on whether or not to allow gays and lesbians to serve openly in the military. 6:13. brazilian blowout craze swept into hair salons across the country. >> beauty industry insiders say
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it revolutionized how women care for hair. critics say you pay a high price for that look. >> the manufacturer denies allegations. >> my hair is really uneven. >> reporter: this 15-year-old posted the aftermath of her treatment on her facebook page. >> i thought it was pretty. >> reporter: until the transformation into bone straight locks damaged her hair. >> hair starts to fallout when i was combing it, it started to break off. >> reporter: her mother had no idea the condition era sielist put in her daughter's hair would end up being a national craze. that was five years ago, long before women across the country jumped onto that band wagon. >> as a mother, i felt bad. i was supposed to know what was being done to her hair. but in hindsight, was a bad decision. >> reporter: it is causing countless women a heap of problems.
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>> you can see hair is straight, but then what's going on here. >> reporter: dr. monty harris is concerned about these treatments that push a one size fits all approach. >> it does work. but there are sometimes consequences that come into play based upon the individual person's underlying condition. >> reporter: critics of bra brazilian blowout say it contains formaldehyde, a known carcinogen. the product's website says it contained no formaldehyde. the company ceo says he stands by the product. dr. harris says if conditions aren't right, the client and stylist could put their health at risk. >> for the stylest, could be proper ventilation, use glove or mask in the procedure. for patients, really being able to make an informed decision. >> reporter: my stylist denise parks says when she purchased
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her silver springs salon, it was already equipped with the equipment needed to do those treatments, but she is not sure she will. >> when you take the flat iron, put it on the hair, frying it into the hair and fumes come back at you, it is something to really think about. not only is your client exposed to fumes, you are also. >> reporter: and then the prize. these treatments start at $300, and depending on length of hair can go up to $800. some people swear by results. now, the maker of hair treatment is suing oregon osha saying the department manipulated their test results. leslie foster, 9 news now. 6:16. howard has more on the weather. >> it is going to be a crisp start to the day. some frost out there. park outside, cars are a little white for awhile. then clouds move in. won't be the prettiest day, but
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not bad. stay positive. the bus stop forecast generally clear to partly cloudy and which i am ee. 30s and 40s out there. sunrise coming in a while. 6:54. the day planner today. still mostly sunny, 43 at 8:00. heading towards noon, i expect mostly cloudy. temperatures in mid-50s. west winds, 9, 10 miles per hour. mostly cloudy through the afternoon. 57 at 4:00. 8:00 p.m., partly cloudy, temperatures in upper 40s. another schil ee night ahead for tonight. we will be back in the 30s by friday morning. satellite and radar past 12 hours, clear skies now. just starting to see clouds in western maryland and west virginia and western pennsylvania. takes a few more hours. any sunshine we see we'll see early as the clouds increase.
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37 in andrews, 44 in reedville. 36 in knew land, 37 in cross junction. winchester, 39 with frederick. on the bay, annapolis, easton at 46. reagan national, clear skies, 42. light winds. wind chill down to 40. we are watching clouds as we expand the picture in advance of this system. you can see the showers here. ohio, tennessee valley moving east. looks like this has a tough time crossing the mountains. high pressure near southern west virginia is one reason we see light winds this morning. as we go through the day today, you notice clouds nick ening in ening in spite of high pressure. some showers in ohio, west virginia, pennsylvania. even in the afternoon, can't rule out one or two towards stanton or charlotte. for us, mainly dry. later this afternoon and evening, look at the rain and
6:19 am
snow showers in the mountains. becoming snow showers overnight. will be minor accumulations. highs today in the upper 50s. 58. tomorrow, 52. a chilly one, and chilly for football games. playoff games tomorrow night. d.c. at high school getting towards sunday, back to 52. next week good through tuesday. travel wednesday looking wet, temperatures near 60. 6:19. good morning, angie. >> slow go setting in. new accidents to tell you about. we elevated traffic conditions to moderate. looking at the map. new accident on the gw parkway. jam up around turkey run. don't get much relief passing the scene. taking you over to maryland, show you live conditions here. this is southbound u.s. 29 at fair land road.
6:20 am
crash activity off to the left. taking away a couple left lanes for drivers. you lose two of those. volume is not too bad on southbound 29. a lot of workers on the scene. looks like they could be there through the morning rush. we will keep you posted. going back to the maps, outer loop reveals no incidents or accidents, we are starting to lose speed here as we take you from new hampshire avenue to georgia avenue. going back to real time graphics, 66 eastbound from fairfax county parkway to beltway, 14 minutes commute. dallas toll road doing okay. 95 southbound, no real problems. let's send it over to andrea and mike. 6:20. coming up, new crime fighting app developed at the university of maryland. and next in sports, caps try to get the 10th home win of the season.
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weather first with meteorologist howard bernstein. >> coming up on 6:24. a cold start, clear skies. 30s and 40s now. clearly jacket weather, gloves needed. clouds start to move in by 9:00 hour. we will be in mid 40s. lunchtime climbing to around 56 with mostly cloudy skies. midafternoon, shenandoah valley may see a sprinkle, then we clear out later on for drive home. temperatures in the 50s. thank you. 6:24. this morning, the capitals have the most wins and points in the nhl. you saw how that worked out last year. >> so far, the team sending crowds home happy. last night they host td sabres. third line came up big. d.c. wins 4-2. they are 10-0-1
6:25 am
at home. things are not going so well for the wizards. they were up north, taking on celtics in boston. they were down by 16 at half time. and got a lot worse. lose the final 114-83. onto college basketball, the men's team off to a strong start. au hosted maryland. at the nit season tipoff, rebound win for the colonials. they beat march is. tony taylor had 23 points for gw. 6:25. >> today is the great american smokeout. next, resources you can use to kick the habit. before we go, check of traffic with angie. >> all right. we are taking a look at 66 headed eastbound atgleeb road.
6:26 am
accident in the beltway. another crash at 234. more to avoid coming up. the saying "easy as pie," i get it now.
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get selsun blue for itchy dry scalp. strong itch-fighters target scalp itch while 5 moisturizers leave hair healthy. selsun blue. got a clue? get the blue. we are back at 6:29. committed to bringing you the weather first. here is a live look outside.
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the u.s. capital, what a beautiful look as the sun starts to rise. thank you for starting thursday with us. i'm andrea roane. >> that's an image to start your day. mike hydeck, howard bernstein on the weather terrace. >> some high then clouds in advance of a system headed this way, giving us a beautiful predawn glow there. day planner today has increasing clouds. stays generally dry. 46, partly sunny by 9:00. cloudy and noon. 56. highs into the upper 50s today. clouds move through west virginia, ohio, kentucky as they approach the region. in the next couple hours, mainly clear skies become overcast. temperature this morning 30 in men as is, 39 in college park. bethesda, 38. rest continue, 33. crawford, 43 degrees. warmer closer to the bay.
6:31 am
nationals 42. angie goff, weather looking good. how is traffic? >> yellow light sums up traffic story we are dealing with now. we have a good amount of accidents and slow goes to report. live look from sky 9, this is the situation on u.s. 29 going southbound at fairland road. good news, looks like crash activity, crews were able to push to left shoulder. we have lanes of traffic getting by. damage is done. we are stacked starting around briggs cheney road. moving to more crash activity, this time in virginia. going southbound on the george washington parkway near the scenic overlook. accident still takes away left lane. drivers back up, use brakes around turkey run. out on 66, two accidents to tell you about. first one at 234. slow from 50 to 123. then slow again once you hit inside the beltway between sycamore. we have confirmed another
6:32 am
accident neargleeb. 95 to 270, 16 minute commute. inner loop is fine. 395 to toll road. toll road itself, no complaints approaching toll plaza. coming up at 6:46, next traffic report. more on accidents in the area. back to you. 6:32. this morning, farragut north metro station is back open, but a lot of questions remain. >> a chunk of concrete fell from station ceiling wednesday. kristin fisher is following the commuter alert. what was done overnight to make sure things are safe this morning? >> reporter: well, overnight inspectors with metro checked out the station and the ceiling of that station specifically, and they determined it is indeed safe for passengers, but keep in mind pieces of concrete that fell from the ceiling were no small pieces. they say one of the chunks was actually the size of a human head. so i mean, you know how big that is. imagine what would have happened if it had fallen and
6:33 am
struck somebody standing on that platform. it could have been -- could have led to very serious injuries. this station is now indeed back open. i caught up with a few metro riders this morning at this station. listen to what some of them had to say about this scary close call. >> it's just -- never any communication about what's going on. a bunch of workers doing stuff, not telling anybody anything. >> do you think it is safe for the station to be back open? >> yongs. i was worried about it this morning. i thought about getting off at dupont circle, thought i would take a chance. >> shocking to me. but i mean, metro needs repair. we all know that. just hope they can get on it really. >> you feel safe ride tg daily? >> i do. i feel safe. they still -- i never had a problem riding it all these years, even with the problems, it comes with the business. >> reporter: we now know that this was not specifically metro's fault.
6:34 am
these falling pieces of concrete were caused by construction taking place here on connecticut avenue just above farragut north platform. so that was the cause. still, metro comes under fire this morning for response time. took them about over an hour to contact d.c. fire and police about the incident. so that is what we are hoping to get answers to today. back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. according to metro, farragut north is the fourth busiest station in the system. in 2009 on average weekday, more than 25,000 people entered and exited that station. only union station, metro center and gallery place were busier. later today, metro board meets to discuss safety and security. among the topics, how to use a grant to boost the system's terrorism prevention. the money will provide new equipment and training for metro. it will work alongside the fbi to ensure rider safety. 6:34. now another defendant in brian
6:35 am
betts murder case expected to plead guilty today. court documents show prosecutors are expecting sharif tua lancaster to admit to his part of the murder of a middle school principal. police found brian betts murdered in his silver springs home last april. lancaster faces 35 year prison sentence, another suspect, alante saunders, pled guilty for his role in that murder last week. it is day two of deliberations for jurors in murder case against ingmar guandique. he is charged with murdering shon dra leave ee. she vanished in 2001, was found a year later in rock creek park. we should know by later today whether it was a tornado that did the damage in baltimore. 16 apartment buildings and nearly a hundred homes were damaged in parkville area. it happened when that line of storms moved through the region. there's a kur view in the area now, but it will be lifted at 7:00. university of maryland professor says he found the
6:36 am
next generation of 911 for smart phone users. the professor developed an application that would allow crime victims and witnesses of crimes to transmit audio, video, and their location to police. unlike 911 callers don't have to talk to a dispatcher. >> the person at the dispatch console end can actually see what's happening. so all the questions at this difficult time are there. he can see what's happening. >> the professor needs about a hundred thousand dollars trying to launch the app. at 6:36. jessica is back with another report. >> big day on wall street. autos taking a big come back. >> true. taxpayers will hopefully make money off gm. that's of course because the biggest of big three automakers returns to trading on the stock market. gm stock offering will end their role asthma joart share
6:37 am
-- as majority shareholder. stake reduced in the company from 66 to 33%. the ipo will be one of the largest in history. gm set stock price of $33 per common share late yesterday. toyota continues to go green in big way. laying out plans to launch 11 new hybrid vehicles by end of 2011. and it hopes to sell 50,000 new priuses that year. plug-in hybrid with sticker price of $36,000. also planning to launch an all electric vehicle. and walmart coming to d.c. the nation's largest retailer announced plans to open four stores, hire 1200 people by 2012. two stores are expected in northwest. on georgia avenue, and new jersey avenue. one at the intersection of new york avenue and blade insburg
6:38 am
northeast. this has been a political hot potato in d.c. for so long, amazing it is actually happening. >> seems to be the case where walmart decides to build almost anywhere. interesting they were able to pull through here. >> big news for the district. >> yeah. if you are a smoker or someone you love is, today is the day to quit. the great american smokeout. >> the 35th year for that event. encourages smokers to quit today or start making your plan to kick the habit. >> get advice on quitting by visiting american cancer society website, there's also quit smoking hot line. get all of this information at our website, look under extras. 6:38. coming up next, howard has the thursday forecast and look at the weekend ahead. and here is what's on tonight.
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welcome back. 6:42. we have another beautiful shot to start your morning off.
6:43 am
this is the way to get the day going. >> we need to keep adam dunn. >> 38 homers, can't let him go. >> and classy. just did his business. >> did it very well. >> weather wise, beautiful start. most of us seeing a nice, chilly morning. temperatures in the 30s and 40s. frost in areas as well. that may slow you down by a few minutes. moms like forecast, in spite of pretty skies, bundle up. mainly clear skies now. sunrise still a few minutes away at 6:54. 4:52 on sunset. day planner today. sun to start, quickly goes behind the clouds. we will be mostly cloudy mid morning. by noon, 56.
6:44 am
by 3:00, 58. mostly cloudy, about the high for today. west wind 5 to 8 to 10 miles per hour. even by 6:00, partly cloudy, back in the 50s, another chilly night ahead. right now, 28 under clear skies in manassas. culpepper updating at 32. winchester, 36. to the east, 48 cambridge. frederiksberg, 46. 43 now with light southwesterly winds and high thin clouds. pretty glow to the sky. see the clouds increase thanks to this guy here. clipper system moving so fast with rain in kentucky.
6:45 am
high pressure is not faraway. unlike yesterday, winds are calm in most areas. midday, any showers staying in the mountains. afternoon, going out of roanoke, a shower, then snow showers develop plate this afternoon and this -- develop late this evening and the next few days in the mountains. cooler tomorrow, 52, sunny. saturday, sunny and milder at 60. we will be back in the low 50s. monday and tuesday look good. wednesday, wet and 60. 6:45. angie goff has time saver traffic. >> moderate conditions now as you creep closer to 7:00 hour. taking a live look or wide look at the area. looks like we have good and bad news. 270 jammed, father hurl ee
6:46 am
towards the split. moving to gw parkway. drivers backed up around turkey run to south run. this is fairland road. southbound 29 traffic still affected with left lane being taken away because of crash activity. drivers still backed up, starting before brition cheney road -- briggs cheney road. 66 eastbound, accident past 234. this is gw parkway. looks like accident cleared. 66 headed eastbound, accident past 234. off to the left shoulder. slow from 50 to 123. slow again in the beltway from sycamore towards gleeb. more crash activity. we have a lot of volume between 95 and 270. 66 slowing as well, 20 minutes there. and d.c., 295, no incidents but slow go.
6:47 am
not bad towards 11th street bridge. top traffic stories at 6:58. back to you. 6:46. we take you to the top of the charts. top selling books on number one, decision points. memoir just released by former president george w. bush. second, diary of a women pee kid, the ugly truth, and unbroken. airport is a hot topic, especially the new scanners. >> privacy advocates call for day of opting out next week. bob orr has more and a visit to the hill by the head of tsa. >> reporter: facing anger over pat downs and naked x-rays, the transportation director appealed for cooperation. >> look, this is for your safety, security. work with us. this is a partnership here. >> reporter: but testifying before senate commerce committee, he took a hard line,
6:48 am
saying planes face on-going threat from hidden explosives. travelers that refuse body imaging scans and pat downs won't be allowed to fly. >> do i understand the sensitivity, yes. if you're asking, am i going to change the policies, no. >> reporter: critics calling for thanksgiving holiday slow down, urging travelers to refuse scans and overwhelm check poibts with pat down requests. privacy advocates that demand they back off found some support on capitol hill. >> i wouldn't want my wife touched in the way these folks are being touched. >> there's got to be a way for privacy concern to be addressed. >> reporter: enhanced pat downs require officers to carefully frisk the most private regions of the body. he went through the procedure and called the pat downs invasive. but the failed christmas day attack proves terrorists are actively working to smug he will bombs aboard airplanes.
6:49 am
>> i recognize the invasiveness of it. i also recognize the threats are real, stakes are high, and we muts prevail. >> reporter: they argue pat downs and x-rays violate their rights. security officials say flying is a privilege, not a right. and protecting aviation is a national security obligation. bob orr, cbs news, washington. 6:49. 42 degrees in northwest washington. >> a check of the news before you go up next. good morning again. time to pick the high school sports game of the week. five to choose from. winning game announced tonight, leads our coverage tomorrow.
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6:53 am
30s and 40s. clouds increase by 9:00. cloudy at noon, 56. partly to mostly cloudy. 55 degrees at 5:00 p.m. 6:53. check of the news before you go. u.s. park police investigating police involved shooting. officer fired at suspect around 2:30 this morning on southern avenue. the driver was not hit. was taken into custody a short time later. no word why the officer opened fire. a guilty plea expected in murder of middle school principal brian betts. sharif tua lancaster will admit to his role in the crime. the farragut north metro station is open this morning. it was closed. chunk from the ceiling blamed on road construction above
6:54 am
ground. the early show begins in 6 minutes. >> right now, a preview what's coming up. i'm harry smith. coming up, a race for history books. incumbent alaska senator lisa murkowski looks to be the first candidate elected to the senate as write in since 1954. she will join us this morning. plus, new details emerge about prince william and kate's engagement. we speak to royal insider about wedding plans. dave has one day left in no way home challenge. will he make it to new york in time. we will check in with him next on the early show. 6:54. >> one more check of traffic and weather when 9 news now returns.
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weather first with howard bernstein. >> 6:58. clear and cold. clouds quickly increase. mostly cloudy today. upper 50s. start 30s and 40s. low 50s tomorrow, then sunnier. weekend is mixed, nice saturday around 60. chilly sunday, low 50s. right now, looking out, thanksgiving could be wet for commutes to grandma grandma's. traffic tieups. outer loop accident between university and kohl's mill. it is adding to delays around 95 exit. u.s. 29 southbound at fairland road. keep you up to speed. using left lane, drivers backed up before briggs cheney. live look from sky 9 over virginia, 66 eastbound at 234. crash activity pushed to the left shoulder. drivers slow from fairfax county and inside beltway
6:59 am
brakes from sycamore to gleeb. biggest delays this morning. harry potter fans, tonight is the night. >> you have about 17 hours until harry potter and deathly howells part one opens. second to last chapter in harry potter series. a lot of theaters have showings at a minute past midnight. >> here are the theaters. visions it d.c. metro mix for details. two hours until gm ipo hits the street and looking higher. >> early show has more on lisa murkowski's write in wind a keith urban performing his new single live. next news cast at noo


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